Flu Shot Fail

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An unintentional study occurred revealing the abject failure of the flu vaccine.  In 2014 an influenza outbreak occurred on a Naval vessel; 25 of the 102 crew developed symptoms despite the fact that 24 of those afflicted had been vaccinated with the exact strain of influenza:


Another article covering the story said the same thing happened in 2001 and 2009:


It is admitted that flu vaccines are often less than 20% effective because they may not guess the right strain, but they still recommend getting the jab.  However, these unintentional studies prove that claims of flu shot efficacy are completely fraudulent.  Any measure of efficacy is based on the body’s production of antibody titers in response to the shot, but the immune system is much more complex than that, and that response does not translate into actual avoidance of catching the flu.  In fact, it is quite the opposite because the toxic adjuvants compromise the immune system, often allowing the viral content to actually cause flu symptoms.  The build up of mercury and aluminum from annual flu shots also contribute to dementia.  This humorous video about what’s in a flu shot might make you think twice about getting the jab - http://tiny.cc/whatsinaflushot

How toxic is the flu shot?  Just looking at mercury, which is the second most toxic substance on the planet, right behind radioactive plutonium, the flu vaccine contains 25 mcg of mercury.  Doesn’t sound like maybe a lot, but that is 50,000 ppb.  The EPA mandates 2 ppb of mercury as the safe limit in drinking water, and classifies water as a toxic hazard when it contains 200 ppb of mercury.  However, it gets worse - the EPA is referring to oral consumption where the gastrointestinal tract has a chance to excrete the mercury, but vaccines are injected into muscle tissue and get absorbed right into the bloodstream.  Plus, the EPA is looking at methyl mercury, but the ethyl mercury in vaccines is more dangerous because it forms a very strong molecular bond making it roughly twice as difficult to excrete.  4 ppm of mercury has been shown to cause cell death in brain neurons.

As a young doctor and new mom in a small town, Dr. Cammy Benton was careful to get flu shots and insisted her family did as well.  But several years later when she noticed that she and her family always got sick after the shots, but never did before, and flu shots were now mandated at her group practice, she asked to see the science that warranted the policy.

All she got was that the big health organizations recommended the shot, so she asked them.  No answers still, but one said to go ask the CDC, so she did.  The medical director of the influenza division of the CDC did not refute the research evidence Dr. Benton presented, and told her that the CDC does NOT recommend flu vaccine mandates, and said that there will never be a good flu vaccine.


"There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway." -- Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer & Research Virologist at the FDA

It doesn’t bolster much confidence in flu shots when key high-level officers of the CDC and the FDA state that there will never be a good flu vaccine and that they are worthless!  In actuality, flu shots are less than worthless; they are quite harmful.  Over 80% of recent vaccine injury cases awarded damages were for the influenza vaccine.

How to avoid the flu?  Of course it is simply by maintaining a strong immune system.  One of the best ways I know of to support the immune system is to consume sprouts to obtain plant sterols.  Here is a detailed article about how plant sterols build and modulate the immune system - The Use of Sterols & Sterolins for Specific Conditions.  The referenced Natur-Leaf Enzyme-Enhanced Sterols/Sitosterolins has a very good 1:6 ratio of glucosides  to sterols, but note that the Enriching Gifts Sterol-Max achieves a 1:1 ratio due to their proprietary cultivated plant source.  Professor Karl Pegel, who may be considered the foremost authority in the world on sterols, was consulted over a period of four years in the development of Sterol-Max.  Studies have shown white blood cell enlargement of 5-6 times and overall immune system activity increase of up to 1,325%.  Use discount code t00011 to save 20% on all the Enriching Gifts products (40% on a case of 12; call customer support if that discount does not automatically occur on the web).  Their flagship Plant Enzymes is another foundational product, with 130,500 HUT protease activity (compare to around 20,000 or less for most products).  Ionic minerals which are necessary cofactors to activate enzymes are included because many people are lacking minerals.  The carefully formulated enzyme blend works over a wide pH range and is great for digestion, but also take a capsule on an empty stomach before bedtime to quickly clean up the blood from undigested proteins and fibrinogen, thus further reducing the burden on your immune system.  Join the free weekly conference calls to ask your health questions and learn how to optimize health through nutrition.

It is also a good idea to maintain adequate levels of selenium.  Health researcher Christopher Barr said that with enough selenium you will never have to worry about viral infections.  He recommends the whole food based Innate Response Selenium because years ago Dr. Joe Vinson found that it contains other whole food and botanical ingredients, plus probiotics and enzymes for better absorption and most bioavailability.  The MegaFood brand is identical but usually more costly.  Dr. Edward Group’s Global Healing Center Selenium made from organic mustard seed also looks good and comes in a 200 mcg capsule.  I’ve included more reference information on selenium at http://tiny.cc/cancersolutions.

If you do find yourself coming down with a cold or flu, at the first sign of illness take a few ounces of warm water, mix in an ounce or two of colloidal silver, then deep gargle and swallow to destroy the virus.  No virus can withstand 2-5 minutes exposure.

Another effective treatment is a dropper full of Dr. Christopher's Echinacea Extract glyceride tincture taken at the first sign of a cold or flu and repeated every other hour.  A study showed this will prevent the illness 58% of the time and reduce severity otherwise, but it is only effective if you consume at least 180 drops (about 9 droppers) throughout the day because it quickly ramps up the immune system for a short while.  Take one dropper every other hour or as much as two droppers each hour.  See http://tiny.cc/flucure for a lecture on this.  Even better results could be obtained by taking colloidal silver repeatedly as well.

Jason DuBois of Hybrid Remedies is a clinical pharmacologist with expertise in organ transplants and immunology.  With his keen understanding of how the immune system works, he developed the Hybrid CR product to give relief from colds/flu usually within 2 days even if symptoms have already been present.  His Hybrid AR product is designed to rapidly clear up allergy/sinus problems.

What if your school or employer mandates that you get a flu shot?  This article does not specifically address employment mandates for vaccines, but I think the legal concepts still apply - How to legally avoid unwanted immunizations of all kinds

Also check the vaccine waiver process for your state - http://tiny.cc/vaccinewaivers

https://parentsaganinstmandatoryvaccines.net/vaccination-notice-for-physicians directs you to
https://anticorruptionsociety.com/lawfully-yours for a downloadable Word document with legal templates that serve notice of vaccine refusal to physicians, schools, and employers.

I would politely ask the Human Resources administrator of your company for the written policy regarding the vaccine mandate.  It may be that there is no actual written contractual legally binding policy, or if there is it may include the exceptions.  Review it carefully.  If they do not allow for exceptions, they legally become responsible should any adverse reactions occur and they certainly do not want to hold that responsibility.  Are they looking for anti-body titers?  You could take homeopathic equivalents that would spur a similar immune response without the toxic effects of vaccines.

Personally, if I were faced with vaccination for continued employment and had no options to opt out, I would look at it as a sign from the universe and an opportunity to move onto some other means of supporting myself that would ultimately be even better.  But if you do accept the vaccine, you may consider steps to mitigate the damage:

Dr. Thomas Levy believes that giving a small baby a 1 gram packet of liposomal vitamin C daily for a week before and a week after vaccination, plus a packet right after the vaccination, will virtually eliminate negative adverse effects of the toxins while simultaneously enhancing the desired antibody response.


For further dosing information, see his article:


Fifteen things you can do if forced to take a flu shot:


Dr. Russell Blaylock’s recommendation to detox if force vaccinated:


Interviews with Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Eisenstien about vaccines and detoxification:


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