Hello world

Test of Dropbox/Droppages. Droppages is a site/service that displays files stored on dropbox; it lets you use dropbox to make a web site by creating a site folder in dropbox/apps/my.droppages.

If you code the index home page to refer to dropbox files in the dropbox/public folder, they will display with the sidebar since dropbox no longer renders html files (though they now seem to offer a decent preview). But if you copy those files into the droppage site folder and refer to them in that path, they will display as a web page with no sidebar.

This link points to the file at dropbox/public/studyfree.html

Note that the dropbox sidebar is displayed on the right side:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0cvnfhvh7anvdo/studyfree.html Study your brains out! :-)

This link points to dropbox/apps/my.droppages/sitaifun.droppages.com/content/studyfree.html

Note that the page displays with no sidebar, just as a simple web page should:


Relative addressing works too: link coded as <a href=“studyfree.html”
study free.html - but with no quotation marks this time << works fine

Note that for droppages, https times out but http works.

If no extension is specified for files in the content folder, droppages will assume .txt but if the file has html code it will render as an html web page.

If html is specified as the extension, that file will be used instead of the default .txt

What happens if you have a file with an html extension but do not specify .html in the link? Will dropppages look for that file with a .txt extension?
Let’s try: studyfreenoextension — yes, droppages found studyfreenoextension.html when the link specified studyfreenoextension!

What happens if you have a simple plain text file with no html coding; how does that display?
sometext.txt — quotation marks can be used around the filename or not, but if used it must be the straight ones, not the curly ones!

So you can use anhtmlfile.html and link it as anhtmlfile or anhtmlfile.html

Or you can use anhtmlfile (no extension) and link it as anhtmlfile

Or you can use atextfile.txt and link it as atextfile or atextfile.txt

Or you can use atextfile and link it as atextfile

But if you have somefile.txt and somefile.html and just specify somefile, then it will pick up the .txt file.

And what about rich text?
somefancytext.rtf - nope, rich text is not supported.
And PDF files are not supported in the droppages content folder either; you must use html or txt.

I was not sure whether or not files deposited on the computer hard drive’s sitaifun/Dropbox/Apps/My.DropPages/sitaifun.droppages.com/Content folder would automatically be synched, but it does. However, right now I’m wondering why the update to this index.txt file with this text right here is not showing up at http://sitaifun.droppages.com

Okay, I figured it out. I had to go on the web to http://my.droppages.com and sign in, and click the Publish button. First I tried the Resync button but that did not work. I’m not sure if it is necessary to click the Publish button each time a file update is made, but it was necessary in this case. I had replaced the old bone health.html file I had in the Content folder with an updated one, and the content did not change until I published. I also verified that the PDF files still do not display after publishing the sites.

I don’t think it is generally necessary to click Publish each time an update is made, because after I did publish this time, these updates (including this sentence) are updated automatically without having to publish again. It is probably just that I had not updated the my.droppages.com site for so many weeks that a manual publish was required to make it active again, so always verify that updates are reflected on the web.

More links in the dropbox public folder:





An html coded file saved with the .txt extension will display as text when accessed from a dropbox link, no matter if it is located in the public folder or the droppages site content folder. So the key is that dropbox links will always display per the extension regardless of location. This is different from a droppages link; if the file contains html code, droppages will display it as a web page whether the extension is .html or .txt.