Sulfur (MSM)

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Why Sulfur:

Sulfur is the primary mechanism for detoxing mercury from the body, and it also transports oxygen into your cells.  Mercury toxicity causes a host of health problems, particularly brain issues.  And per Dr. Frank Shallenberger, utilization of oxygen is the very definition of health, so it is important to first supply that oxygen to the cells (also check out this interview where he discussed oxygen).  Although sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals, due to decades of chemical-based agriculture it can be challenging to obtain enough of this important nutrient via your diet.  Thus, supplementation is recommended.

Where to Obtain:

Sulfur is found in foods such as garlic, onions, and broccoli, and in supplemental form as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).  It should be free of any other ingredients such as anti-caking agents, so don't bother with capsules; only get the crystals.  It's kind of tricky to get a good source because the DMSO from which it is made needs to be plant-derived and distilled just the right amount of time to produce an effective MSM.  Health advocate Jeff Bell posted an article with additional criteria to assess the quality of an MSM product.  He tested about 50 MSM/sulfur products and found just two that work well, and offers the sulfur online without really being in it for profit (as of 1/2015 the delivered price ranges from about $32-40/lb depending on quantity).

Here are some other sites that sell organic sulfur:

Before finding Jeff's blog, someone recommended me Animed Pure MSM.  Though it's marketed for horses, people use it, too.  It is very inexpensive (about $4/lb) and appears to meet the criteria that Jeff described.  

What to Expect:

Taking 1 teaspoon twice daily I experienced a low-level detox headache and low energy levels for two days.  Then, after sleeping for just 3 hours I woke with lots of restless energy.  Unable to fall back to sleep, after 1.5 hours I got up and for the next 21 hours buzzed around getting stuff done.  My close-up reading vision significantly improved, and I noticed less hair in my comb and the shower drain, an improvement in skin appearance, and more lucid dream recall.  People also report greater mental clarity, stronger nails, clearer skin, and more comfortable joints.

Patrick McGean (a.k.a. "Sulfur Man"), has appeared on health radio host Patrick Timpone's show several times to promote the idea that everyone needs to ensure adequate sulfur consumption.

Search Jeff's blog for more articles on sulfur.

Here are some articles that discuss use of MSM in treating cancer, including a detailed protocol.

How to Take:

Take a teaspoon (or up to a tablespoon) of the sulfur and dissolve in warm or room temperature NON-CHLORINATED water, otherwise the sulfur will be deactivated (therefore, don't take a bath or shower with chlorinated water right before or after either; you can remove chlorine from bath water with a bit of vitamin C).  Drink the sulfur water two or three times per day on an empty stomach (no food, supplements, or medicines an hour or so before or after).  The sulfur will remain in your system for 12 hours, so you want to consume at least twice per day.

It is also recommended to increase water intake to support the detoxification.  And Patrick McGean suggests that if a detox reaction occurs, take more sulfur.  I'm not sure, but maybe that is to push through the detox phase more quickly.

The sulfur water did not taste very good at first, but after a week or two it seemed much less objectionable.  Patrick McGean says that it is not a matter of getting used to the taste, but rather that the more sulfur deficient a person is, the less palatable it will be.  You can add some lime or lemon juice to improve the taste; I've been adding a little bit of water that has vitamin C powder dissolved in it.  A PhD chemist told me that would be fine, and in fact the citric acid would actually enhance the absorption.  Now the taste resembles unsweetened lemonade.

If you don't consistently eat lots of cruciferous vegetables, you might want to try supplemental sulfur!