Liposomal Vitamin C

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Why Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant that helps your body deal with stresses such as toxins, dental and medical procedures, radiation, and even growing pains.  High dose vitamin C has been used to treat viral infections, curing 100% of 60 polio patients and 327 shingles patients within 72 hours.  Unlike nearly all mammals, however, humans don't produce their own vitamin C.  If we did, by comparison we'd probably make about 12 grams per day, far beyond the paltry 60 mg RDA.  However, our vitamin C requirements are lower because we recycle it.  Still, in today's challenging environment, supplemental vitamin C beyond that obtained via diet may be helpful.

Why Liposomal Vitamin C:

As beneficial as vitamin C has been proven, sometimes very large doses are required.  This will cause bowel intolerance (diarrhea), so intravenous vitamin C is sometimes needed.  However, that may not be available or convenient.  It was discovered that by encapsulating the vitamin C in fat (lipids), absorption and utilization will be greatly increased.  In fact, estimates are that liposomal vitamin C is about 6-8 times more potent than intravenous vitamin C.

This New Zealand 60 Minutes video segment shows how Intravenous and liposomal vitamin C was used to save a man's life after his doctors had given up hope:

Here is liposomal info from LivOn Labs, and the product the New Zealand family used:

Dr. Thomas Levy said that all disease is caused by oxidizing biomolecules; toxins do this by stealing electrons. Antioxidants such as vitamin C donate electrons to restore biomolecule functionality and to neutralize toxins. He believes that giving a small baby a 1 gram packet of liposomal vitamin C daily for a week before and a week after vaccination, plus a packet right after the vaccination, will virtually eliminate negative adverse effects of the toxins while simultaneously enhancing the desired antibody response. See his article for further dosing information.

Some claim that a gram of orally consumed liposomal vitamin C is as effective as 6-8 grams of intravenous vitamin C.

There are many sites that describe how to make liposomal vitamin C at home using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to combine ascorbate acid and lecithin:

This video recommends making liposomal vitamin C by heating up the solution and blending it rather than using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner:

However, a PhD chemist said that the ultrasonic method would probably be preferable over the heating/blending method because it would most likely result in a higher encapsulation efficiency and the heating method will degrade the vitamin C somewhat.

This site provides additional research into the best methods of producing the highest quality liposomal vitamin C, and based on a patent recommends utilizing alcohol in the solution.  It also mentions that although an ultrasonic cleaner is preferable, it is not absolutely necessary.

Near the end of the first section of text on this page, a simple test is provided to estimate to what degree liposomes have been formed: 

Pour 4 ounces of your finished Vitamin C encapsulate into a cylindrical 12 ounce water glass. Next, place 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate into 1 ounce of distilled water and stir for 3 to 5 seconds. Next, pour the sodium bicarbonate solution into the Vitamin C mixture and stir gently for several seconds. 

Note the height of the foam/bubble line which forms on top:

Where to Obtain & More Info:

Inexpensive ascorbic acid is better than nothing, but it is by far much more effective to use a whole food form of vitamin C from acerola cherry extract; although more costly, it is estimated to be 5-10 times more effective. Also note that Morley Robbins cautions that consuming ascorbic acid lowers your ceruloplasmin, thus interfering with bioavailability of the critically important copper trace mineral (see for details).  Find the recommended 70-watt ultrasonic cleaner (I see in 4/2019 this item is currently unavailable; look for a product with similar 70-Watt ultrasonic cleaning power; the separate heating function will not be used), vitamin C, lecithin, and the video instructions by Master Herbalist and Naturopath Troy Hyyppa at Living Herbal Farmacy. << Update: The site seems to have gone missing in 2018; here is an archive - Consume an ounce or two of the liposomal vitamin C when you first wake up on an empty stomach, and again later in the day on an empty stomach. This blogger also recommends Troy’s instructions, but likes Live Superfood’s lower cost acerola cherry extract. Here are archives of Troy’s several interviews from Patrick Timpone’s health show.