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Here is info about a very potent kidney care formula by master herbal formulator Jon Barron.  Most of the article is about how the kidneys work; skip to near the bottom to the paragraph heading "Testing the Formula" for the amazing testimony of a woman whose 18 years of chronic kidney issues cleared up within days of taking the formula:

As noted at, the "kidney care formula" is available as the KGP Flush or as part of the Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox combo package.

Remove kidney pain and swelling: 

Grapefruit prevents kidney cysts: 

Spirulina for healthy kidneys: 

Cleanse your kidneys with avocado tea: 

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Your kidney loves blue and purple foods:

Watermelon is one of the best foods to support kidney health. It has an abundant supply of calcium and potassium to help flush out toxins in the kidneys, plus a wide array of other nutrients such as phenolic antioxidants, flavonoids, lycopene, vitamin C, arginine, etc. that make watermelon an excellent health supportive food.  However, watermelon is generally not recommended for diabetics due to the high sugar content.  But since the white part of the rind contains pretty much the same nutritional benefits as the flesh, diabetics can blend it into a potent kidney-cleansing smoothie.  Watermelon seeds can also be made into a tea to detox the kidneys.

This article provides a holistic therapeutic approach to kidney health.

At the beginning of the 2nd hour of Patrick Timpone’s 2-6-2015 Open Phone Friday show (audio starts here), he talked about dealing with occasional edema by drinking a quart of water mixed with a tablespoon of pipsissewa herbal tincture.  It stimulates the liver to eliminate excess fluids and toxins and can clear out kidney stones.  In his case it seems to have decongested his liver very effectively.  He got it from; she sold her product line to Woodland Wildcraft.

Here are some links for further information and products about pipsissewa:

Near the end of this 8-24-2015 interview (audio clip here), Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommended small flowered willow herb to repair the kidney/bladder area.  This will fix frequent urination due to an enlarged prostate, and also allow the kidney to filter the small particles that would otherwise clog up the capillaries that feed the hair and cause baldness.  She recommended about 5-10 capsules of small flowered willow herb or a teaspoon as a tea twice per day for a month on 10-19-2015 (audio clip here) when Rob asked about male pattern baldness.  Dr. Daniels revealed that doctors are trained to recommend a diet of high protein and low hydration to kidney failure patients to make them need dialysis.  On 11-30-2015 (audio clip here) she explained that the herb is beneficial for both men and women as it heals the kidney and related elimination/reproductive organ system, and thus improves thinning hair.

On another episode with Dr. Daniels John from Dallas asked further about it and she said the small flowered willow herb could be taken in two forms: tincture or as a powder.  For the tincture take two full droppers in water twice per day.  A few people may experience dizziness with the tincture, so then the powder form could be used; take a heaping teaspoon twice per day in a smoothie or as a tea.

On the 4-25-2017 oneradionetwork interview with Dr. Jennifer Daniels (audo clip here) the use of small flowered willow herb came up again to support the kidney, thus reversing gray and thinning hair and enlarged prostate.

Dr. Daniels recommended the Swedish Bitters site to obtain the small flowered willow herb.  Additionally I’ve found it on eBay at the Swedish Bitters store and other vendors at lower cost, and on Amazon (search1, search2, search3), Hope for Health, and Smallflower, where you can also find a health book by Maria Treben.

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The spiny cocklebur herb is also recommended in combination with the small flowered willow herb for kidney/prostate issues.  It is also called agrimony or cockle burr.  You can find it combined in a tincture.

In part 1 of Atom Bergstrom’s interview on Patrick Timpone’s 10-3-2016 radio show, Atom stressed that although a doctor may say someone’s kidneys are failing, they are really just ailing because they can be rejuvenated.  His solar timing dietary recommendations include avoid fish oils, eat kidney beans between 12pm - 1pm (cook them until almost liquified), drink cranberry juice from 5pm - 7pm, and drink pomegranate juice from 5am - 7am.  Note that solar time is usually offset from clock time, and can be determined at  (move the pushpin to your location, check or uncheck the Daylight Savings Time “DST” box as appropriate, and note the time offset in the Solar Noon field).  Per traditional Chinese medicine, the different organs of the body are more active and receptive to treatment at particular hours of the day; learn more at and

On another show Atom Bergstrom said that consuming magnesium and vitamin B6 can eliminate kidney stones; it is sold for that purpose as a product in Europe.

On Atom Bergstrom’s 6-19-2017 interview, he said that consuming Ray Peat’s Potato Protein Soup could replace the need for the kidneys; it detoxifies and the ketones combine with ammonia to create a superior protein for rebuilding.  Atom provided the recipe in a comment on the 11-6-2017 show when the topic came up again: peel, juice, allow starch to settle, ladle the juice and dump the starch, add salt, cook and stir at least 45 minutes.

During Atom Bergstrom’s 5-7-2018 interview, he said that kidney function has a lot to do with thyroid function; PUFAs interfere.  Drink orange juice between 9am - 11am solar time to increase kidney and liver function.  The skin is the “third kidney”; optimize with sun exposure to detoxify cholesterol.  A ten minute walk before a meal will raise oral body temperature to 99F degrees for optimal digestion.  Grind up a watermelon with the fruit, seeds, and even the rind if organic, through a juicer/blender several times and consume this creamy drink at urinary/bladder time (3pm - 5pm) by itself to support the bladder and kidneys.

Nutripath Stephen Heuer provides great detail of several strategies to optimize kidney health in this article.  I would point out that per nutritional historian Christopher Barr’s exhaustive research, the proper form of chromium is Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) chromium (Innate Response is the preferred brand, or MegaFood), and that the most bioavailable and effective form of selenium is the food-based product from Innate Response.  Also, the Plant Enzymes from Enriching Gifts are several times more potent and cost-effective than those mentioned in the article.  And Enriching Gifts’ Aloe ACE-MAX contains far more polysaccharides (typically about 25-40 times more) than any other marketed product; a clinical study showed tissue repair up to 2.7 times faster.  Use discount code pa01 for 30% savings on all their products.

Robert Von Sarbacher’s Mini-Beet Protocol provides amazing health benefits including kidney support:

Listen to Christopher Barr’s experience in helping people restore their kidney health.  Chris helped a woman with 10% kidney function and on a kidney transplant list leave the hospital in a few months.  He had another case of a diabetic woman with 30% kidney function improve to 60% in one year, 83% the next year, and 100% the third year.  The solution was supplementation with whole food forms of GTF chromium and selenium (use Innate Response or MegaFood), silica (use Alta Health Silica), magnesium, as well as Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula.  Consume a clean low protein diet, and drink hydrogen-rich water to greatly speed up recovery.  Hear a discussion about how hydrogen-rich water improves cellular absorption of nutrients and detoxification at  

On another show Chris’s recommendation for restoring kidney health again included Alta Health Silica, MegaFood Magnesium, Innate Response GTF Chromium, Innate Response Selenium, and Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula; Robert chimed in that hydrogen-rich water supercharges utilization of these minerals.  For clearing kidney stones, Chris Barr recommends one or two MegaFood magnesium in the morning and two before bed.  The magnesium breaks down calcium which is what most kidney stones are made of.  Gravel root tea (also called “Queen of the Meadow”) is recommended as well because there is nothing better for dissolving kidney stones, but the magnesium is a close second.  Soak 1 oz. gravel root in 16 oz. water for 2 hours, boil, simmer 20 minutes, strain, cool, bottle, and refrigerate; divide dosage to drink 3 or 4 times over 24 hours and repeat daily as necessary. Note that Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula is not for breaking down kidney stones; it strengthens the kidneys.  Take a serving of 2 capsules 3 times daily.  There is also a tincture form of Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula; a serving is 15 drops.  Juniper Berry is the primary ingredient in the kidney formula; people have found benefit by rubbing doTerra Juniper Berry essential oil mixed with a carrier oil on the front and back of the kidney area.  Several times during the 11-26-2017 Robert Scott Bell Show, Chris Barr mentioned that chromium picolinate is the poisonous form of chromium, particularly to the kidneys.

The most common component of human kidney stones is calcium oxalate crystals.  Citrate acid (CA) in the form of potassium citrate supplementation is often recommended to slow crystal growth, but that can promote the growth of calcium phosphate crystals in people who have alkaline urine.  Hydroxycitrate acid (HCA) is a natural fruit extract found in a variety of fruits including Asian garcinia cambogia.  HCA appears to be an effective inhibitor of calcium oxalate crystal growth and is even able to dissolve these crystals:

On the 10-27-2013 episode of the Robert Scott Bell show (listen at 38:00 and again after the break at 46:55), Stephen Heuer discussed Medix4Life plant compounds that contain regulatory peptides that activate adult stem cells for particular organs and tissues.  These compounds help to rebuild healthy organs.  They have products for pancreas, kidney, heart, connective tissues, bones, etc.


Activated charcoal — currently updating this section; lab mice lived twice as long and were impervious to chemical poison and radiation while on carbon 60!  Look for Bob Greska’s C60 and/or Wayne Blakely’s Perfect Molecule (Living Streams product).

Activated charcoal is an awesome detoxifier.  In fact, it’s been used as an “internal dialysis” - medical researchers saw excellent results in treating advanced kidney disease patients with a protocol that included a low protein diet and oral activated charcoal rather than dialysis.  Resolution of diabetes and kidney failure, even getting off a kidney transplant list, have also been seen with activated charcoal.

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