Nutritional Support to Reverse Cataracts

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Cataracts are a clouding of the eye lens often due to poor circulation and nutrient deficiency.  While surgery can restore vision by replacing the lens with an artificial one, occasionally complications do occur.  This page lists various non-surgical approaches for reversing cataracts.

For eye health ensure adequate selenium and GTF chromium; this will prevent and reverse cataracts and macular degeneration.  Nutritional historian Chris Barr attributes the root cause of cataracts to a gross selenium deficiency.  Look for the whole food forms of selenium and GTF chromium by Innate Response as these have proven to be much more bioavailable than others.  An optimal daily amount of selenium is 400mcg, so you might consider supplementing up to 8 50mcg tablets in divided doses if your diet is deficient.  100mcg/1 tablet of GTF chromium three times daily is good.  For faster results combine with Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Eye Formula (formerly named Herbal Eyebright) which has been known to remove cataracts.  It can be taken internally and used as an eyewash, and comes in capsules, alcohol extract, and bulk powder.  There is also a Dr. Christopher’s Bilberry Eye Formula for additional support.

Dr. Schrauzer also notes the role of selenium for eye health.

Cats have a high level of selenium in the eyes, and have very good eyesight.


Eye issues such as nearsightedness often improves with selenium supplementation.

This woman had great results in dissolving cataracts that were just starting to form by applying two drops of castor oil in each eye before bed.  I’ve also heard Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommend a drop of castor oil in each eye at bedtime to relieve dryness:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels has also said that cataracts or an inflamed eye can be treated by putting a 1/4 pea-sized dab of Vicks VapoRub in the lower eyelid.  It contains turpentine and other antibacterial ingredients, and will help remove impurities.  To remove even more you can do an enema.  This treatment may also eliminate the need for reading glasses.

N-AcetylCarnosine eye drops have helped some people and animals.  There is a product called Can-C and Re-Vital Eyes (also known as Ethos Bright Eyes):

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is important for eye health as it promotes production of the powerful antioxidant glutathione.  A rat study showed ALA supported glutathione and other nutrient levels and prevented cataracts.  Aim for 600mg twice per day. 

For cataract prevention and reversal, Dr. Jonathan Wright recommends avoiding diabetes and milk sugars (sucrose, fructose, lactose), take 40-50K IU vitamin A, bilberry extract, and use N-Acetyl-Carnosine (Can-C eyedrops).

DMSO is an ingredient in Dr. Rowans eye drops for cataracts.  I’ve heard Dr. Morton Walker mention that it dissolves cataracts and could be made into a formula by a pharmacy:

This article refers to Dr. Rowans product:

Rosemary eyewash for stronger more resilient eyes:

This article mentions cataracts as one of the symptoms of blood vessel congestion caused by vitamin C deficiency:

Treat cataracts without surgery: 

Use Swedish Bitters as a compress and a tea for eye problems, hearing loss, and much more:


The following was taken from the book, "Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs", author John Heinerman.

Cataracts and Glaucoma Cured

Maria Treben (well known West German (Austrian, actually. -Henriette) folk healer and herbalist) insists that glaucoma is not an eye disorder, but rather a definite malfunction of the kidneys instead. A tea should be made, she observes, from equal parts of stinging nettle, yarrow, calendula and horsetail, and 2-3 cups consumed each day. Bring 1 quart of water to a boil, add these herbs, cover and simmer for 7 minutes; then remove and steep another 45 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey before drinking.

For cataracts, she advise brushing some Swedish Bitters across the eyelids frequently. There are various types of this herbal compound under different names at some but not all health food stores. An alternative to this that is just as effective, calls for rubbing a little aloe gel obtained from a FRESH plant leaf, with an equal small amount of juicy latex gathered from a FRESH milkweed plant, between your wet thumb and index finger until well mixed. This mixture is then gently brushed over the closed eyelids towards the corners of the eye, but NEVER under any circumstances to be rubbed into the eyes directly! Although applied in this manner, they seem to be reasonably beneficial in helping cataracts and spots on the cornea to gradually disappear. Of course, as with anything, this may work better for some than others.

Greater Celandine leaf can relieve cataracts and other eye problems: 

Also see: 

Foods to prevent cataracts:

From Dr. Paul (

Vision Problems -

Nutrition and nutritional supplementation could play a key role in helping to prevent vision loss and keeping our bodies strong. For example: GLAUCOMA - take Vitamin C - It lowers eye pressure. Nutritional sources include citrus fruits, red peppers and tomatoes.

Omega 3 fatty acids - these may help reduce the chronic inflammatory processes that is found in many patients with glaucoma. Fish and unrefined fish oils are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The best sources are the flesh of cold water fish (example; salmon, mackerel, cod) as well as black currant seed oil, and flax seed oil. 

Coleus (coleus forskohlii) - this is an herb in the mint family.

Ginkgo biloba - is a herb that increases the circulation of blood to the eyes. 

Magnesium - is a mineral that relaxes smooth muscles, which regulates the outflow of fluid from the inner eye. So it reduces pressure. Natural sources include most nuts, seeds, vegetables and seafood.

For CATARACTS: Again Vitamin C - the normal healthy lens of the eye contains a higher level of vitamin C that any other organ of the body except the adrenal glands.

Glutathione - is an antioxidant that prevents cataract formation. Natural sources include eggs, broccoli, avocados, garlic, onions and cauliflower. It is also available as a supplement.

See Again herbal supplement to improve eyesight by clearing out mucous:

From :

EYE SIGHT - Improve your eyesight; mix 2 tsp. honey with equal parts carrot juice and consume regularly.

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has used pearls to prevent and treat cataracts, and scientific studies have confirmed results.  The Pearlcium product by physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu is uniquely processed with aerodynamic pressure and vibration rather than heat and acid, with claims that the crystalline structure is maintained for greater efficacy.  Other health benefits of pearls include improved skin, reversal of gray hair, calmness, dental care, increased stamina, etc.  Listen to an interview and watch a short video where she describes her product.

At a little past half an hour into this interview with enzyme expert Dr. Lita Lee, she mentioned a case where coconut oil accidentally splashed into someone’s eye.  It burned a bit, but then the cataract cleared up.  Coconut oil was then applied to the other eye with the same results, thus avoiding cataract surgery.