Nutritional Strategies for Bone and Joint Health

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Most people assume they must feast on calcium for bone health, but in fact silica is much more important.  Also note that most inexpensive supplements contain calcium carbonate which is much like marble and not very absorbable, and may cause more harm than benefit.  For a detailed discussion listen to the 40 minute segment of the June 23, 2011 episode of the Robert Scott Bell internet radio show; at the 1:18:40 minute mark nutritional historian Christopher Barr states that supplementation with a whole food form of silicon is more important for bones and ligaments than calcium.  Key points mentioned:

The product recommended on the show was Alta Health Silica , which provides the organic soluble/colloidal form of silica via a patented extraction process that separates it from the inorganic quartz form.  Essentially, a vat of horsetail tea is steeped and dried to obtain the concentrated silica.  Here is another short interview where Chris explained the role of silica for bone and brain health.

Here are a few sources; check them out and select the best or most convenient deal at this time:


Here is a similar product:

That all sounds well and good for bone health as well as other issues, but I don't see how much silicon is present in the 500mg horsetail extract tablet in the Alta Health product.  Secondly, the product is a tablet rather than a gelatin capsule, so damaging high pressure and heat may have been used to form the tablet.  And finally, there are a few contraindications with the use of horsetail (although I don’t think that would be a problem with their extraction because their process eliminates the thiaminase enzyme which contributes to vitamin B1 deficiency):

For most people the product is probably fine as it has about 50 years of proven results, but in order to gain the benefits of silicon and avoid potential problems with long term use of horsetail, a liquid form such as Orgono Living Silica is available.  Although it provides just 3mg of silica per tablespoon serving, their literature says that higher silica content of other products are not effective because little is digested.  They also have similar product with aloe added, a sports recovery drink (twice the silica plus l-glycine), a Siliplant formula with 5x the silica (1000mg total, or 15mg/tablespoon), some gels made for topical use, and now even a stabilized powdered form of silicic acid.  Here is their overview of the healthful benefits of silica, and an interesting blog article on Dr. Loïc Le Ribault whose work has culminated in these products.  Orgono silica is also found on Amazon.

Here are similar vendor's products:

Nature Works Body Essential Silica Gel, which claims to contain 420mg silica per tablespoon serving.

Eldon Ionic Minerals Liquid Silica, with 275mg silica per tablespoon serving.

A slightly different liquid silica product I like is BioSil.  It is a choline-stabilized silica that is very bioavailable.  Just mix a few drops in juice.  Another benefit is that over time BioSil will help detoxify your body from heavy metals.  Listen to Functional Nutritionist Wendy Myers explain:

No RDA currently exists for silicon, but suggestions for daily requirements range from 5-50mg, though toxicity is not seen even over 500mg.  Per the FDA, the average person gets 55% of their daily silicon intake from beverages such as beer, coffee, and water; grains provide 14%, and vegetables contribute 8%.

Other food sources of silicon include:

alfalfa, beets, brown rice and oats, bell peppers, leafy green vegetables (particularly the stems), asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, parsley, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, raw cabbage, mustard greens, parsnips, radishes, pumpkin, carrots, eggplant, white onions, sunflower seeds and grain husks, such as from barley, oats, millet and wheat, corn, and ground flax seeds.

The foods that contain most silica include cereals, especially oats and rice (even when cooked), which is why Asians tend to have the healthiest and strongest hair.  The three main fruits containing silicon are apples, oranges, and cherries, though raisins and grapes are also rich in silicon.  Peanuts and almonds are two nuts with high silicon content.

Consuming about a teaspoon of the equisetum hyemale species of horsetail about 10-15 days of the month will maintain strong teeth (regrows enamel), bones, and connective tissue.

On the 6-5-2017 One Radio Network show, Atom Bergstrom provided a regimen for remineralizing teeth:  Kidneys control distribution of calcium in the body, so at kidney time (6:15 PM solar time) take sharp cheddar, Swiss, or Monterey jack cheese, combine with a clove of garlic and red onion (white or yellow will also work), and hold this in your mouth as long as you can; don’t rinse for an hour.  You can rub some aloe on your gums to keep them from burning.  The benefit comes from the vapors of fluorine from the garlic and chlorine from the onion.  Fluorine and chlorine are used in making pyrex glass, but in this case you are building enamel.  Regularly apply this on a consistent basis.

King Bio has a homeopathic remedy to strengthen bones that contains the energetics of silica and other ingredients.  Other retailers may have a better price.


Comfrey root is known as "knit bone", and is available in herbal and homeopathic formulas.  It can also be made into a paste and used as a poultice to promote bone healing:

These are similar herbal formulations, but do not contain comfrey:

Joette Calabrese’s blog article covers treating tendon, bone and cartilage problems with homeopathy.


Homeopathic cell salts are small pellets that contain the essence or frequency of essential minerals that support various bodily functions.  Take them on an empty stomach a few times per day, and let them dissolve in your mouth.  Amazing results have been reported in rapid injury recovery, straightening teeth and remodeling the jaw of young children and animals, etc.  There are over two dozen formulations, but twelve are recognized as the most important.  You can get the bioplasma formula that has all twelve, and may want to add the Calc Phos, Silicea and Calc Fluor formulas for additional bone, ligament, and tendon support.


Calc Phos


Calc Fluor

Here are some additional links if you would like to research about cell salts and their myriad of uses:

The 12 cell salts are tied into the circadian rhythms and astrological zodiac signs; may be most beneficial to take the first three months after your birthdate.  Dr. Schuessler, a German doctor born in the early 1800’s, said cells break down to these 12 minerals.


I came across a forum posting from 2005 where a martial arts enthusiast provided great detail about his remarkably positive experience with taking an herbal cissus extract to alleviate the intense tendonitis from his workouts.  It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for healing bone fractures.  I also found that cissus (and silica, from bamboo grass) is an ingredient in the Synergy Company's Bone Renewal product.  The founder, Mitchell May, developed the formulation as he healed from an auto accident in which he was initially pronounced dead, and suffered such severe damage (shattered ankle, over forty fractures, missing and exposed bone and nerves) that the doctors insisted his right leg must be amputated.  His story of perseverance is inspirational, and today he walks and hikes just fine.

Master herbal formulator Jon Barron discusses his Triple-Jointed formulation where he brings out a lot of detail about joint pain and inflammation.

Bones contain cannabinoid receptors.  A study found that administering CBD helped fractures heal quicker and stronger than before.

Getting plenty of sunshine helps to promote healthy vitamin D levels, which is important for bones and overall health.

Boron (a.k.a. borax) is important for bone health; it also helps pull out fluoride.  Mix a teaspoon in a quart of water, and take a teaspoon of this solution three times per day.

Dr. Jorge Flechas has an excellent video about how boron is crucial for the health of your bones, teeth, brain, kidneys, and hormones -

(1:21) At age 40 Dr. Flechas was 5’11.5” tall.  At age 45 he had osteoporosis/osteopenia and was 5’11”.  His mentor Dr. Abraham told him to take boron.  At age 60 Jorge was still 5’11” and his DEXA bone scan showed he had the skeleton of a 20 year old male.

(5:31 & 24:47) Silicon is a powerful stimulant to the brain, and boron also increases mental cognition.  Don’t take boron before sleep; it wakes up the brain.

(6:51) A lethal dose of boron for adults is 15-20gm (3-4tsp), 5-6gm (1+tsp) for children, and 2-3gm (1/2tsp) for infants.

(12:53 & 16:14) Boron reduces inflammation.

(13:30) In Jamaica there is no boron in the soil, and 70% of the population there has arthritis.  In the US boron consumption is 2-3mg and 23% have arthritis.  In Israel boron consumption is 10-30mg and arthritis is virtually nonexistent (<0.5%).

(19:25) Loose teeth indicates upcoming advanced osteoporosis; give boron.

(22:42) Boron plus magnesium supplementation reduces kidney stone issues.

(24:31 & 31:44) Boron supplementation elevates estradiol and the active form of testosterone.

(28:54) Borax mixed in water has been used to take care of arthritis.  Now we have studies to understand how this works.

(30:22) Increased boron consumption is associated with less prostate cancer.

(39:58) You need 30-75mg of boron each day to avoid the ravages of aging.  (Note that 1/8th tsp of Borax provides 50mg of boron.)

Atom Bergstrom said he gets boron from oranges and okra, but you need to activate boron with orange light (like sunrise/sunset).  Orange light is also needed to metabolize silica and calcium.  For healthy bones you need orange light.

Here is an excellent summary of minerals and herbs for bone and ligament health. 

The Water Cures Protocol (dissolving a bit of salt on the tongue before drinking water) helps maintain proper hydration and salt intake, and has proven very beneficial in nearly all health conditions including bone issues.

One of the most important substances one can take for bone health, and in fact for overall health, is fulvic acid.  It is formed by soil-based micro-organisms consuming decayed prehistoric plant matter to make minerals and other nutrients assimilable by plants.  It is a very potent electrolyte that promotes electrochemical balance, is one of the most powerful antioxidants, dissolves minerals and trace elements, enhances and transports nutrients, increases enzymatic activity, stimulates metabolism, detoxifies, eliminates food poisoning in minutes, transmutates minerals, enhances cell division, enhances cell membrane permeability, and more.  Much of our food is grown in sterile soil conditions, thus lacking this important substance.  It is no surprise then that many people have reported a wide variety of health improvements by supplementing with fulvic acid, including healing bone injuries quickly when no healing would occur before.  Just take a few drops a couple times per day; save 5% with discount code RLGRNJFP.

If there is damage in a joint area, taking enzymes on an empty stomach will clean up the blood and break down scar tissue so that circulation to the effected area is restored to allow nourishment to the tissue.  Plant sterols and aloe vera will maximize the healing potential once the scar tissue is broken down.  I recommend the extremely potent plant enzymes from Enriching Gifts International; code pa01 saves you 30%.  CEO Ron Schneider holds free telecons each Wednesday at 7pm to discuss natural approaches to health concerns.  Jon Barron has a similar enzyme product, pHi-Zymes.  Both Ron's and Jon's enzymes contain trace amounts of ionic minerals, which are essential activators that make the product far superior to those without it.

Dr. Ben Kim recommends foam rolling to keep joints flexible and also for amazing repair. 

Here is a simple exercise to do your own hip alignment.

Another interesting product is the Immune Tree Colostrum discussed by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith.  It contains all necessary nutrients for health, spurs glutathione production, and has produced a wide variety of remarkable health results (Alzheimer's reversal, thymus gland - i.e., immune system - rebuilding, etc.).  When Dr. Kleinsmith folded his knee back the wrong way in a snow skiing accident about twenty years ago, he was told that he would require a knee replacement surgery in a few years, but with colostrum he was able to heal without it.  Surthrival Colostrum is the same product private labelled from Immune Tree.  Learn more about the immune and growth factors in colostrum at

Dr. Tim O’Shea teaches that collagen protein makes up virtually all of our body - arteries, joints, organs, muscles, and bones.  After about age 25 collagen production slows down, so including it in the diet can be beneficial.  Dr. O’Shea’s collagen product uses an enzymatic rather than a heat hydrolization process, and hydrolyzes 6-8 times to get the molecular weight under 3,000 Daltons (compared to 45,000 in some other products) for great bioavailability.  Perfect Hydrolized Collagen is a bit more economical and also from a clean source, and is enzymatically processed with a molecular size of about 5,000 Daltons.  Bulletproof Collagen Protein is another enzymatically hydrolyzed product from a clean source.

Gelatin is a good substitute for bone broth, which hardly anybody takes the time to cook anymore.  Great Lakes gelatin is well regarded; get the green can of collagen hydrolysate if you want to mix in smoothies, cereal, soup, etc. because it dissolves, and get the red can of gelatin if you want to make jello.  It's a great way to support collagen and is sold everywhere.  Their site does not mention if their collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed, but does state it is 95% bioavailable.

Richard Pearl interviewed Jim Caras, founder of Health Direct regarding his AminoSculpt liquid collagen product twice during 2017 (currently shows are broadcast at a little after 11am Central on Saturdays).  Richard said it is much better than even the Genacol product that he has endorsed in the past.  I see that Genacol promotes their AminoLock technology which breaks the protein down to under 1000 Daltons; besides their capsules, they now have a liquid product as well.  AminoSculpt is from a clean source and uses a double hydrolization process; in fact their company developed the enzymatic hydrolization process that others have adopted 40 years ago.  It is medical grade and is absorbed directly with no digestion required.

Shark cartilage has been proven very helpful for both pets and people.  On Patrick Timpone’s 2-26-2016 show at 37:49 a caller excitedly reported that after his 17 year old cat jumped off the couch and then floundered and would hardly move for three days, recovery occurred within 24 hours after giving the cat some shark cartilage supplement.

This shark cartilage formula for dogs and cats provides dosage recommendations, and this page references a study that showed 80% of arthritic dogs improved when treated with 750 mg of shark cartilage per 5 kg of body weight for 3 weeks.

This article about Cartilade for dogs and cats with arthritis explains how it works:

Studies have shown that shark cartilage contains proteins, mucopolysaccharides (which contribute to the formation of joint fluids), calcium, and other ingredients that inhibit growth of new blood vessels in the joints (which leads to calcification) and promote healing of already damaged joint tissues.

In the laboratory, shark cartilage has been shown to contain chemicals that inhibit angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). Because arthritis is an inflammatory condition, and inflammation requires blood vessels, it has been suggested that shark cartilage can benefit arthritic pets by inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels. And in fact, research has shown this to be the case. In studies of both people and dogs, significant improvement is seen in patients suffering from arthritis. Arthritic pets and people taking shark cartilage supplements often experience increased mobility and decreased pain.

Note that children, pregnant women, or women attempting to conceive should not use anti-angiogenic therapies.

Stephen Huer carries the Medix4Life plant compounds developed from 10 years of Russian research that activates adult stem cells for specific tissues and organs.  There is one for connective tissues and another for bones that would apply here.

For misaligned or broken bones, an old herbal reference suggests use of a mullein poultice (read near the bottom):

and other herbs:

Organic sulfur (methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM) helps to reverse osteoporosis. and has other health benefits as well.  Since chemical fertilization of crops began in the 1950's, the sulfur cycle has broken and we just don't get enough of it in our foods anymore.  Sulfur delivers oxygen to cells, promotes detox, and has a very wide range of benefits, including accelerated healing.  Apparently it is crucial to get a product that is not adulterated with any other ingredients, and there is confusion in the marketplace about which are truly effective.  It is often recommended to take a teaspoon of sulfur and of vitamin C in a glass of water, morning and night.  See my separate page about sulfur, including a very inexpensive source.  Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a liquid that can be considered the big brother of MSM.  It provides numerous therapeutic effects including dealing with pain, inflammation, radiation, cancer, arthritis, stroke, head and spinal injuries, etc.  It is an inexpensive potent industrial solvent that carries other topically applied substances throughout the body, and it may be taken orally as well.  Professional athletes use it to quickly recover from injuries.  Here are some references: DMSO: The Real Miracle Solution; DMSO - a little dab will do ya; DMSO - Nature’s Healer; and an interview with Dr. Morton Walker.  If treating arthritis, you could apply some turpentine topically on the joint.  Per Dr. Jennifer Daniels that won’t cure the issue which is actually dietary in nature, but it can spur parasites in the joint to vacate, thus providing temporary relief.  Apply a bit of DMSO to increase absorption.  Note: be well hydrated before utilizing turpentine; get full details from Dr. Daniels’ free Candida Cleaner report at

Keep in mind that nutrients do not work in isolation.  Here is an excerpt from The Vaccine Resistance Movement:  The Flu Report:

“Typically those living in the West are annually starved of the life-giving UVB Ultra-violet light rays (which manifest as the steroid hormone Vitamin D3) throughout the entire duration of Winter & early Spring. As a result the Lymphocytes in their lungs cannot process Vitamin C & E, which leads to Respiratory disfunction & increased vulnerability to ALL infections. Vitamin D is required to increase the circulation of calcium and phosphorous, two minerals necessary for healthy bones. The kidneys produce Vitamin D3 & the liver plays a vital role in the functioning of D3 throughout the body. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, the intercellular “cement” substance which gives structure to muscles, vascular tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which intercepts free radicals and therefore prevents lipid destruction chain reactions. It maintains the integrity of cell membranes. After reactions with free radicals the antioxidant function of vitamin E is lost. Vitamin C is able to regenerate Vitamin E levels but not when the Vitamin D3 levels drop off. As you can see, when any primary systems are compromised, a chain reaction occurs, throwing off your entire metabolism.”

Skip drugs such as Fosamax and Boniva; while these do increase bone density, they also promote brittle bones and toxify the kidneys.

Don't forget about Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT). Just raise the head of the bed by 6" by putting some books or blocks under the headboard. UK engineer Andrew Fletcher discovered that this promotes circulation so that the body repairs itself much more efficiently.  It's helped people get out of their wheelchairs, restore eyesight, improve varicose veins, back problems, cardio health, snoring, practically eliminates colds and flus, etc.  See and click their FB page to see Andrew's recent interview.  It costs nothing, requires no exercise, consumption, or time -- what a simple and powerful health tip!

It's been proven that a cat's purring promotes healing bones and tendons.  If you don't have a cat, try listening to an online recording of a cat purring or Purrli the internet cat tone generator that lets you adjust the parameters.  Binaural frequencies to promote bone healing are also online.  If you would like to explore the incredible diagnostic and therapeutic uses of sound, see my Human BioAcoustics introductory site.  Here is one example of an incredibly fast recovery using BioAcoustics.  On three occasions on his monthly radio interview shows with Patrick Timpone, natural health educator and inventor Ken Rohla recounted his brother’s very rapid healing of his seriously broken leg by using Sharry Edwards’ BioAcoustic technology.  Instead of a 6-month recovery projected by the doctor, he was up on his feet in a week!

audio clip from the 2-2017 show 

audio clip from the 3-2017 show

audio clip from the 4-2017 show

Sharry Edwards was a guest on Patrick’s show on 1-2014.

After breaking her hip at age 90, the late Charlotte Gerson was up and walking in 5 weeks.  She attributed a big part of her quick recovery to carrot juice.  Unfortunately a couple years later she suffered a more serious break in another fall that required surgery.

On the 6-5-2017 One Radio Network show, a woman asked how to quickly heal her broken toe.  Atom Bergstrom recommended consuming his bone formula consisting of goat feta cheese, raw spinach, dolomite powder, dill pickle, cayenne, and ghee at small intestine time (2PM, or can eat at heart time, noon; see or and convert to solar time at

Look at for regeneration of torn leaky discs - especially in lieu of spinal fusion surgery.  Dr. Kevin Pauza developed this spinal procedure where an annulogram test is first performed using a water soluble contrast injection to detect disc tears that MRI’s often miss.  Then fibrin from human blood is injected to seal the disc.  The outpatient procedure is usually completed in under an hour.  Over the next year the disc regenerates because the fibrin signals the body to send collagen to the disc.  Sounds a bit like a biologically natural Fix-A-Flat for discs!  Dr. Pauza’s offices are in Tyler, Texas and New York.