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It is a wise choice to avoid long term use of pharmaceutical medications, particularly those that affect your mental state.  There are a lot of side effects and dependencies associated with drugs because they are designed to block a particular enzymatic process, which then cascades to negatively affect many other physiological processes.  This issue was covered by former pharmaceutical rep Gwen Olsen (  Fortunately there are plenty of better options that work to correct the problem rather than just block symptoms.  Note, however, that the body adapts and forms some dependence on psychotropic and most other drugs, so professional guidance and monitoring should be utilized when shifting away from pharmaceutical symptom suppression. 

First of all, are you eating enough healthy fats like avocado, nuts, real butter, cream, coconut oil, ghee, etc?  Fats are needed for good brain function.  Avoid health damaging fats like vegetable oils, canola, soybean, and cottonseed oils.  Also avoid neurotoxins like artificial sweeteners.  Gut health is intimately tied to the brain and our emotions, so anything to support the gut will help - colostrum seals a leaky gut (I like the Surthrival brand); the silver-aloe protocol rids harmful bacteria and heals gut tissue (; probiotics and digestive enzymes are also important (some of the best I've found are at; discount code pa01 saves you 30%).

CBD oil is amazing to heal the nervous system, even better than Innate Response B Complex which is also very good. You can find the CBD products recommended on this show at  Use code rsb15 for a 15% discount.

Richard Pearl, owner of Simply Natural health food store in Florida talked a bit about magnesium threonate (sold as magnesium l-threonate) just past half way on his 11-26-2016 Pearls of Health radio show (catch at 11am Central on Saturdays at, though he's usually about 7 or 8 minutes late).  It was developed at MIT, it gets into the hippocampus, is highly absorbable, assists in cellular energy, is good for anxiety and to sharpen memory, does not upset the stomach, and helps reduce the amyloid plaque associated with Alzheimer’s.  Take 3 per day, 1 mid-day and 2 in the evening.  Magnesium glycinate is another form that is well suited for the brain.  

Richard has a lot of research and experience and is principled in carrying products that work.  The website is but it is not very functional; if you need anything just call and talk to him directly.  Getting more magnesium in any form is likely to do good due to its calming effect; even soaking in an epsom salt bath would benefit because you absorb magnesium sulfate and it provides a gentle detox (heavy metals and other toxins can contribute to anxiousness).

Richard has had Justin Zehrung of Essential Source on his show before.  He has a product called yStress based on a particular form of ashwagandha that reduces cortisol by 30% and stress by 70%.  That product inspired Richard's own formulation Complete Stress Control which is even stronger.   Vitamin B12 reduces stress by supporting function of the central nervous system.

On his 11-07-2015 show, Richard Pearl had guest Gabriel Williams on to discuss his herbal powder product Neural Balance which calms people who are on or off the spectrum for better focus. 

Richard focused on brain health on the 10-31-2015 show.  Richard's guest and founder of NuAxon Jason Edwards discussed two of their products, NuroFocus which contains 5 brain support herbs and NuMemory+ which is also based on those 5 herbs plus two more.  The turmerone component of turmeric stimulates brain stem cells.  These products are good for people who must maintain calm (but not be drowsy) in stressful jobs, such as police, air traffic controllers, pro athletes, etc.


Hormone expert Dr. Michael Platt says excess adrenaline is the underlying cause of many illnesses.  He recommends eating greens and coconut oil to reduce adrenaline.


Dr. Sal Martingano talked about conditions like ADD, anxiety, rage, etc. on the 10-21-2018 RSB show.  Rather than prescribing psychotropic drugs for life, over the last three decades he’s had 100% success with nutritional product Balance Formula 1.  It addresses the feedback loop between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and the adrenals. 

Here is an interview with Dr. Jay Faber - The Holistic Way Of Treating Depression, Anxiety, OCD & Other Mental Disorders.

Master herbal formulator Jon Barron had this to say about acetyl-L-carnitine:

The mind boosting effect of an acetyl L carnitine powder supplement is often noticed within a few hours of taking this anti-aging nutrient -- or even within an hour. Most people report feeling mentally sharper, having more focus, and being more alert. Some find a mild mood enhancement. More specifically:

You might pick up some useful tips from these presentations featured during the Anxiety Summit in 2015:

Also hear another interview with Trudy Scott about how amino acids can help to relieve anxiety in children, particularly GABA and tryptophan:

Sharry Edwards' pioneering research in Human BioAcoustics has shown excellent results in treating PTSD.  BioAcoustics analyzes the voice to spot unbalanced frequencies associated with health conditions; listening to analog audio tones can balance those frequencies and relieve the condition.  I've created a small site to introduce this paradigm-shifting concept -

Listen at 49:25 where veteran and PTSD sufferer Melody Barnhart described her initial experience with BioAcoustics.  She had been able to sleep just three hours, then waking every 15 minutes, but the very first time she listened to her customized tones she slept all night and woke super refreshed.

Also see the "Happy Hour" class from 6-18-2013 about preventing emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  It lists the four major nutritional elements for emotional balance (zinc, linolenic acid, calcium, and niacin), and the second layer of minor elements for emotional balance (progesterone, magnesium, choline, and B5).  Simple vocal analysis reveals whether levels of these nutrients are too high (or possibly not being utilized) or too low.

PTSD/depression supplements:

Level 1 (people have a problem but don’t realize it; schizophrenics): imbalances in Calcium, Niacin, Linolenic Acid, Zinc

Level 2 (they know something is wrong; many commit suicide): imbalances or shortages of Magnesium, Progesterone, Choline, B5 (Pantothenic acid)

Sharry and Fred Cusinato discuss PTSD:

8 major nutrient imbalances involved with PTSD:

Michael Tyrrell is a musician who has composed seven 22 minute songs that each focus on a specific healing frequency.  His site is  Here is a summary of the frequencies and their purpose; scroll down his site to hear a sample:

396 Hz - blood, liver function, bones, brain health, kidney function

417 Hz - energy, productivity, creativity, digestion, gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, lower back pain

444 Hz - establish peace amid chaos; use when overwhelmed and anxious

528 Hz - restore broken DNA, balance hormones, lift your heart, muscles, and lymphatic system

639 Hz - foster forgiveness and peace, boost endocrine system, heal adrenal glands and gallbladder

741 Hz - provide deep spiritual and emotional healing, spiritual awareness, cleanse immune system

852 Hz - spiritual, love for humankind

This article reports that gelatin contains a high percentage of glycine, a non-essential amino acid and inhibitory neurotransmitter, which is known to decrease anxiety and to promote restorative sleep.  But also read through the comments as some people have adverse reactions to histamine in it.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels has said:

Antibiotics cause illnesses such as hypertension, arthritis, anxiety, and depression that keep you coming back to the doctor.  This puts you into a cycle of taking more and more medications while getting sicker.

This may be the best folate supplement.  I saw it in a comment at from the anxiety summit on 5-20-2015.  Dr. Benjamin Lynch has an extremely detailed 80-minute video about methylfolate: 

Salt lamps are reported to soothe anxiousness by emitting positive ions. 

How to alleviate anxiety and stress?  Chris Milbank recommends a simple reflective re-patterning technique with a refrigerator magnet to break down the electron flow of the negative emotion.

Morely Robbins' Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook advocates balancing key nutrients to resolve a wide variety of health conditions.  In one case an 85 year old grandfather’s rapid downhill spiral into dementia was reversed in a few months.  The advice is summed up in their Root Cause Protocol, a list of 12 Stops and 12 Starts.  Some of the key nutrients are copper and B vitamins.  The primary recommended source is beef liver.  If you don't care for liver, try a supplement such as from Ancestral Supplements or PerfectSupplements.  They have a clean source of desiccated freeze-dried liver and other organ meats.  Here's an interesting bit of info: In the 1950's Dr. Ershoff subjected rats to a "sink or swim in cold water" test.  Rats fed a fortified diet or that diet supplemented with B vitamins could swim a little more than 13 minutes, but those fed 10% liver powder were still swimming after 2 hours!

Another part of the protocol is the Adrenal Cocktail

Adrenal “Cocktail”

(Take 1-2 times/day – an hour before or after food!)

Outlined below is a mineral mixture that one of our colleague’s, Susan Blackard, NP, ND, PhD, has developed for her clients at the Rejuvenation Health Center (Springfield, MO) to take to nourish their adrenals when in need of a lift.

What is important is that this mixture should be taken at least once or twice/day, and please be sure that it is taken away from food to have the optimal benefit.

What we recommend is that our clients prepare a Thermos at the start of the day with enough liquid for two (2) applications (i.e. at least 8 Oz. of fresh-squeezed Orange Juice) and drink it mid-morning (~10am), as well as mid-afternoon (~2pm). In addition, any time that you are feeling particularly anxious it would be advisable to prepare another mixture and take it.

PS – A pre-mixed version of this Adrenal Cocktail recipe is now available -

Adrenal Cocktail base recipe and alternative recipes: 

Simply dissolving a bit of sea salt on the tongue before drinking water helps heal many conditions by balancing minerals and electrolytes:

There are also homeopathic and Bach flower remedies that address anxiety.  Dr. Eric Love teaches and talks about them.

Medical Medium Anthony William recommends spirulina, leafy greens, fruits, and tinctures like lemon balm to relieve anxiety.

GABA is a brain amino acid that prevents excessive rapid neuron firing that occurs with anxiety.  You could try a supplement or even just get some exercise and sunshine.  The orange wavelength of early morning and late evening sun is most beneficial as those frequencies activate your body to use the minerals.

Studies find anxiety relief with inositol supplementation:

Lots of research on magnesium for depression and anxiety: 

In episode 5 of the 2018 Depression and Anxiety Secrets webinar, author John Gray said lithium stops repetitive looping thinking that is associated with anxiety.  He recommended 4.5 - 25 mg of lithium orotate, along with orotate forms of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and zinc.  Here is a video where John Gray discusses the benefits of lithium, and here is an article on the top lithium orotate benefits and side effects.  Unlike high dose medically prescribed lithium carbonate, low dose lithium orotate does not cause side effects such as mental dullness or reduced creativity and metabolism.  Some Super Minerals supplement products include these five minerals.  L-theonine, taurine (4 grams will make wrinkles go away), vitamin C, and MSM are also recommended for reducing anxiety by restoring the adrenal glands. 

Lithium orotate protects the brain from neuro-degeneration, and it promotes growing new brain cells (as does taurine).  MSM supports detoxification.  If you have limited resources, choose lithium orotate for the brain and MSM for the gut.

Other presenters on the webinar promoted a plant based diet rich in bioflavonoids because animal based products contain inflammatory arachidonic acid.  Note that lithium has been shown to reduce excessive levels of arachidonic acid in the brains of rats, suggesting that lithium might be considered for treating human brain diseases accompanied by neuroinflammation.

Lithium also provides robust protection from heavy metal toxicity. Lithium has been shown to protect cells from aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury toxicity.  Traditionally people have flocked to lithium-rich springs for its health benefits, and the original 7-Up soda formula contained the mood stabilizing mineral.

There are many reported health benefits of lithium orotate supplementation.  Dr. Tim Marshall also discussed lithium in this brain healing interview.  Decades ago Dr. Hans Nieper and others established that orotate and other forms of minerals are highly transportable throughout the body, able to be absorbed through cellular membranes and help resolve a wide spectrum of health issues.  Dr. Edward Group also published a summary of orotates and mineral transporters.

We certainly need a balance of minerals, and magnesium is a very important one. Selenium is another key mineral. Dr. Schrauzer said that a deficiency of selenium causes depression. It is also great for eyesight, thyroid, liver, muscles, etc.

There are plenty of non-drug options, so avoid the toxins, ensure the nutrients, and you'll soon establish calm focus again.