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On the 12-10-2012 episode of the Robert Scott Bell show at the 1hr. 7min. 45sec. mark, Dr. Buttar answered a question about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  He recounted the case of a man who was "a train wreck" when he first became a patient of Dr. Buttar.  The gentleman's medical history included diabetes, cancer, bronchitis, and most recently end stage emphysema.  After 6 months of treatment he no longer needed to be on oxygen or use inhalers.  3 months later he came down with pneumonia and when he went to the ER they did a pulmonary function test.  It was 50% better than it was a year ago.  The admitting physician could not believe it, so they re-ran the pulmonary function test to confirm the results.  Most doctors simply do not know that COPD is reversible.

Basically the treatment involves injecting a solution to relax the muscle that acts as a hinge to allow the diaphragm to close when exhaling.  Results are felt within a minute or two.  Dr. Buttar learned how to do the Infraspinatus Respiratory Reflex (IRR) injection procedure in the late 1990's, and that procedure is published.  However, only about 100 doctors are aware of it (he trained 65 of them).  Here is some background on the IRR technique.

On the 7-30-2012 episode of the show at the 52:30 mark, Robert mentioned a medical study that suggested COPD patients receive preventative treatments of antibiotics three times per week.  He explained how that would promote antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and instead recommended nebulizing and inhaling silver hydrosol, commonly referred to as colloidal silver; the recommended brand is Sovereign Silver.  The silver will not only be astringent to any bacteria in the lungs, but will also stimulate tissue regeneration.  Several other herbal and homeopathic remedies were recommended as well, including sipping on a large glass of water with a dropper full of lobelia tincture each morning; that will also help recovery of lung tissue.  King Bio's Lungs & Bronchial Relief homeopathic formula has much of the ingredients that Robert mentioned.  Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas are also highly regarded by customers.  Another useful product would be EnerHealth's Lung Renewal; it contains lobelia and other botanical ingredients. Since these products promote detoxification, start slowly and take an hour or two away from any medications to avoid any possible interactions.

Once more Robert and Dr. Buttar discussed the IRR procedure on the 8-29-2017 show.

On the 1-24-2017 show nutritional historian Christopher Barr recounted amazingly fast recoveries of lung cancer patients using hydrogen rich water, lobelia, and other key minerals.  He said “there is nothing on this earth better for the lungs than lobelia”.  Dr. Christopher’s Lobelia Vinegar Extract is recommended.  Here is more information on applications and dosages of lobelia.

At 55:38 in part 2 of Atom Bergstrom’s interview on Patrick Timpone’s 10-3-2016 radio show, he recommends eating dietary fiber, get good protein without phosphates (gelatin provides that), calcium foods, and exercising the lungs by holding your arms up; also try this chi-gong exercise: sit up as straight as you can, and stretch your neck up for half an hour.